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Carbon District

Carbon District is made up of Russell Warner and Clayton Haun. Both with creative and technical backgrounds, everything on this website was created in-house between the two.

Russell, the technical expert, is responsible for the process and specifications of making carbon fiber, as well as the photography you see on this website. In Clayton's words: "Russell continually surprises me with his accuracy and execution. I ask if he can show or make something- he then retreats into the shop with a determined look in his eye, and two days later comes out with something even better than the last."

Clayton takes on more of a creative and technical direction approach, while being the primary motivating force and goal setter. In addition, Clayton's hand can be found in all aspects, from every written word on this website, to visual direction, to selling, customer interaction, and daily operations. In Russell's words: "Clayton is the magic sauce that makes everything work. he thinks of things that make me smack my head- they're so brilliant!"

We also made a dedication to Russell's father, who passed away a few years ago and helped spur it all on

It’s hard to imagine a younger, sweeter, humbler Russell Warner, but that’s where our story begins. Naturally it started with a young kid's hours of enthusiastic research after the debut of Forged Carbon Fiber from Lamborghini. From there he began tinkering with carbon fiber, making rings with a cupcake mold and a dremel tool.

His largest source of support naturally came from his father. After an incredible number of starts, Russell finished and gifted his first ring to his father, who wore it on his hand with tremendous pride, eventually to his deathbed.

Fast forward about a year, and you have two co-workers building a friendship in typical down-time retail fashion. Russell showed me one of his rings, and everything changed.

Me: "Hey man, we can't be making this stuff in your apartment- it's just not safe."

Russell: "I've thought about using my father's shed but we should clear it with my mother first."

Susan Warner: "Ha! I tried to get your father to organize that darn shed for years- sort this out and clean your apartment so I'm not afraid to come visit you.  And you should maybe think about dedicating that ring to me [wink]."

So, without further ado, we are proudly dedicating this ring to Todd and Susan Warner.  And we are dedicated to providing you with the best product we can manage.  

Thank you!